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Things you should know
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Most people read labels on food.  We look for the calorie content, maybe fiber, fat grams..  Why?  Because we want to know what we are putting into our body!  BUT, do you read the labels on your skin care?  You should, because the skin absorbs what we put on it.  The skin is the largest organ of the body and 99% of the time we believe what we put on our skin is good for us, BUT... Here's the TRUTH!

  • The FDA requires cosmetic companies only to list their ingredients - if you list it, you can use it!  (Anything!)  Some examples:  dead animals, umbilical cords, cooking grease, and the list goes on!  Did you know that was in many skin care and cosmetic products?

  • A 1989 study showed that 1/3 of all skin care products contained carcinogens (cancer-causing agents). Since 1989, there have been no changes in the regulations.

  • Mineral oil contains PCB - a cancer causing toxin.  There are only 7 filtration steps from crude oil (what is spilled in the ocean) to mineral oil.  (Automotive oil is somewhere in the middle)

  • Did you know there are some department store skin care astringents that have an alkaline level almost the same as that of a hair perm?  Many contain Acetone... that's fingernail polish remover!

  • Does your skin care contain waxes & pollutants - a sticky substance that attracts dirt?

  • Have you ever had little white bumps on your cheeks or on the back of your arm?  That could be a reaction to lanolin.  Do you know where Lanolin comes from?  It is sheep sweet!  The liquid excreted from the skin of a sheep.  And, the molecular structure of lanolin is too large to be absorbed into our skin, so it clogs our pores!

  • Guano - Bat poop.  It is in most mascarasTurpentine is another ingredient found in many mascaras.  Is it any wonder some people can't wear mascara - that their eyes just seem to keep watering?

  • Dyes are believed to be the #3 cause of leukemia.  Are there chemical dyes in your cosmetics or skin care?

  • Preservatives - Arbonne has less than 1% chemical preservatives - as healthy as you can get!

  • The FDA does an Irritability Test on all products that go on the market - 50 people put a product on their skin everyday for 30 days.  A score of "4" is the highest level of irritability accepted by the FDA.  Some companies standard of practice is to use any product, even if it scored a 3.999.  Arbonne set their own standards - we must score a ZERO in irritability for every product we carry!  That's our integrity showing!

Arbonne is the only product that rises above these statistics.  No animal by-products, and NO animal testing.  No mineral oil, no SD alcohol, no artificial colors or fragrances.  It has no lanolin or collagen, and absolutely NO human by-products.  Not just natural, but herbal and botanical.  Pure, safe and beneficial!

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