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Beauty, Pride and Pig Grease

Shocking as this article may be, it is necessary for you to read it!
Are we still the naive nation we once were?  I think not!  Until recent years, we meekly developed the custom of being followers and did not question the integrity of our leaders and especially those who have set themselves up as protectors of our health.  Has the pendulum now swung the other way?  Have we now become a nation of suspicion?  I think so, and with good reason.  Not necessarily because we enjoy being watchdogs.  But because of self-preservation!

One case in point in which millions are directly involved on a daily basis are "rendering plants."  Not many have every heard of a rendering plant, let alone know what products gain their origin from these plants!

Have you ever noticed a dead dog, cat, skunk or opossum that has been killed on the highway?
Well, a rendering plant is a collection center for all kinds of dead animals.  Carcasses of every variety are hauled to the plant daily.  huge supplies of the decaying bodies come from everywhere, including farms where disease has decimated herds of swine, cattle and other domestic animals.

Sickening though
At the plant, the bodies are all dumped together into a huge cooking pot which generates intense heat.  After a certain period of cooking, the bodies are subjected to a process of extreme pressure in order to extract the fat from bones, skins, etc.  Old cooking grease picked up from restaurants is also added in the pot.  It is the rendered fat which constitutes  the final product of the plant.

One can imagine the horrible stench of the diseased and decaying conglomeration of cooking carcasses.  But the thing that astonished me the most is the way in which the extracted grease is utilized

The great majority of the product is sold for women's makeup, especially to manufactures of lipstick and eye makeup.  Some of the most prestigious cosmetic companies in the country are the chief customers of rendering plants.  Anyone looking at the elegant ads portraying glamorous models wearing beautiful "makeup" would never suspect even a hint of the refined, colored and properly perfumed oil being derived from skunk, opossum or pig! 
How much of this abominable blend do you suppose has been ingested into the body from the lips and pores of the skin?  Should we not e aware of the content not only of what enters the mouth, but also what soaks in through the pores of the skin?

So What if They Test On Animals?

The cosmetic industry uses four basis tests on animals.  

  • The first test is for eye irritations, the Draize test, in which shampoos and cosmetics are put into rabbits' eyes which are fastened open.  The chemicals cause blistering, swelling and blindness.  The pain often becomes so intense that the rabbit breaks its back trying to get away from it.  

  • The second test is the skin irritation test in which the test animal has an area of its back stripped of fur and the test product repeatedly rubbed into the bare skin causing rash, pain and swelling. 

  • The third test is the LD?50 test (lethal dose - 50% dies). In this test, cosmetics are force fed to test animals to determine the amount necessary to cause 50% of them to die in severe agony from such things as organ blockage, toxic reaction and convulsions.  

  • Fourth is the inhalation test.  In this test, animals are sprayed repeatedly in the face for a 2 1/2 hour period, then killed and their tissues examined.


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