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Arbonne International
Commom Questions
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The following provides answers to some of the most common questions asked. As a new consultant you will receive an Arbonne Business Manual that will answer many questions.

Q: Is Arbonne a Pyramid Scheme?
A: No! Most people think of pyramids as illegal and they are! But network marketing is NOT a pyramid. Our commission and residual income is based on people moving products. It is not a get rich quick scheme. Your income will be come with your efforts. An illegal pyramid scheme doesn't involve the sale of a real product, only the payout for bringing people into the pyramid.

Q: What kind of money does it take to get started?
A: You can start your business for less than $100. Unlike other businesses that require thousands of dollars in start up fees and have associated risks, Arbonne consultants can build a serious income WITHOUT investing their life savings. Arbonne also provides a Right Start Value Pack that offers savings on products to help you get your business going.

Q. What are the risks associated with this type of business?
A: Arbonne is essentially risk-free. Starting your business with Arbonne is the cost of the kit. Some people have grown successful businesses with a starter kit, some samples and catalogues. Many people take advantage of the Right Start Value Pack to have products for personal use and to display and sell. Investment is minimal and the potential for financial gain is extraordinary. Typical businesses and franchises involved much risk and very low survival rate.

Q: How much time will this take from my life?
A: The whole point of having your own home-based business is to give you the flexibility to work when you want to work. You determine your own goals and  hours you want to invest into your business. What you put in is what you get out of it.

Q: Can I do this while working another job?
A: Arbonne is a business that can work alongside your current job and fits into your everyday lifestyle.

Q: How much money can I really make?
A: The sky is the limit on earning potential and your effort will determine your income. Some people want to invest a few hours and earn hobby-type income. Others are interested in creating a more serious income. The pay structure is generous and often people find themselves earning more in one evening than they earn all week at their job. If you want to earn a few hundred dollars a month or thousands per month, the opportunity is there.

Q: What is residual income?
A: Residual income is achieved by helping others to develop their own home-based businesses. You are paid a percentage on the sales of those whom you sponsor and whom they sponsor.

Q: What is right now money?
A: Right Now Money is income earned when you sell product. Arbonne offers a quality product at a great price with a great profit margin that allows consultants to make money on sales of products immediately. When you sell a product and collect the money on that product, you are paid immediately.

Q: What else do I get out of this?
A: You will receive a substantial savings on all of your Arbonne products and be entitled to all of the incentives the company offers. Arbonne's incentive programs are so achievable that even those who have a hobby interest and just want to use the products for themselves will benefit.

Q: How do I get training and support?
A: As a consultant all you need to do is plug yourself into the wonderful training system in place for your success. You will have access to numerous training tools and opportunities. Additionally, you will receive support from your sponsor and your upline which includes me.

Q. What happens to me if I get started and I change my mind?
A: Nothing. Most people choose Arbonne because they love the products. Therefore, if you decide that the business is not for you, you will probably want to keep your account open to continue receiving your products at a savings and to keep yourself informed of any new products and interesting information.

Q. Are there any quotas to meet?
A: There are no monthly quotas on sales for consultants. You will receive full discount on your products each month. However, a $65 wholesale ($100 retail) order is required in the month that you are to receive a bonus or any residual income. Most consultants use that much or more for personal use each month. Opening up your autoship account is a great way to insure that your bonus and/or residual will be paid.

Q: I am interested in earning a serious income with Arbonne. What do I do?
A: Contact your upline sponsor, manager and VP to let them know that your desire is to build a serious income. You are an independent contractor and in business for yourself but not by yourself. You will receive direction and coaching on how to move forward at the pace you desire.

Q: Will I be stuck with product if I decide it isn't for me?
A: "Being stuck" with product will not be an issue because consultants are discouraged from inventorying product for the sake of bonuses, awards or advancement. You will want to order product to personally use and for sampling and that will be determined by you and your budget. As you build your business, your client demands and needs will determine what you keep on hand for quick service.

Q. What do the terms sponsor,upline and successline mean?
A: Your sponsor is the person who introduced you to Arbonne and who will receive the credit. The term "upline" refers to your sponsor and to the person who sponsored them and the person who sponsored that person and so on. "Successline" is anyone that YOU sponsor and they in turn sponsor and they sponsor and so on. We use the word successline interchangeably with the word "downline".

Q. Are Vice Presidents, Area Managers and District Managers company employees?
A: No, they are not. These are titles which designate levels of achievement and levels of compensation. All of these individuals are independent consultants who conduct their business in the same manner as you. We like to refer to these people as leaders more than managers. And, in no way are individuals or titles indicative of territories.

Q. Are there any territories?
A: Arbonne has no territories or boundaries. You can work your Arbonne business wherever you choose to work it. That is the beauty of this business. It is part of your lifestyle. If you meet someone when traveling or visiting in another state you can be the first to introduce them to Arbonne.