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Arbonne Products Stand Up
To The Competition

Tallahassee, Florida dermatologist, Oscar Hevia, M.D. recently conducted an independent study in which he compared Arbonnes Normal to Dry, Normal to Oily and Bio-Matte skin care products to the likes of Estee Lauder, Merle Norman, Clinique, Mary Kay, Yves Rocher, Mark Lees and Prescription Plus. According to Dr. Hevias research, the Arbonne products he tested were preferred as often as Prescription Plus, a customized product he has been incorporating in his practice for quite some time.

Dr. Hevia learned about Arbonnes products through one of his former nurses who had very difficult skin. Dr. Hevia worked with her for nearly a year, trying different creams, prescriptions and treatments. Nothing seemed to work, so, when she showed him the Arbonne products she had been introduced to by an Independent Area Manager, he figured she might as well give it a try. To be quite honest, I was very skeptical of the product because it is sold through a networking channel, and, usually, those kinds of products are not effective, Dr. Hevia said.

Dr. Hevia had second thoughts when his nurses skin improved after just a short time on Arbonnes products. After a short time, I noticed that her rosacea and acne were much improved and her skin felt silky and was completely normalized. When I saw the improvements to her skin, I realized I had to compare it to other products.

Interested in the results of his nurses skin, Dr. Hevia put together a preference study, fully expecting the Arbonne products to fail when put to the test against other products which his patients were successfully using. His study included over 100 participants. Products were compared to one another and at the end of the first phase of the study, Dr. Hevia found that Arbonne and Prescription Plus were the two most preferred product lines. He then put them to the test against each other and Arbonne was preferred slightly more than Prescription Plus, although the number of subjects participating was small. Everyones personal preference is going to be different. says Dr. Hevia, but what this test shows is that Arbonne can hold its own against several other high quality products, and, compared to a lot of other products, Arbonne is better. You could do hundreds of tests and never find a product that dominates, since preference is the key here, but at least its nice to know that Arbonne measures up to the best of them!

Dr. Hevia joined Arbonne as an Independent Consultant after completing his study and now offers Arbonnes products to his patients. Its nice to offer my patients a product that Ive tested.

Dr. Hevia has been in practice for over seven years and was recently named Doctor of the Year - Southeast Region